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 The born of the titan

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PostSubject: The born of the titan   Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:47 am

The born of the titan

We saw "The Birth of AOM" in a previous article and it is now time to talk about the birth of The Titans, the only extension of the game released in 2003. The game is also known as TT, AoT or AoMX. It was clear from the beginning that Age of Mythology would receive an extension since it was already the case for other games "Age of", but it was far from obvious to guess the various changes that would be introduced.

The Titans released September 30, 2003 in North America and a month later in Europe, ie between 11 and 12 months after Age of Mythology, just in time for the holiday season. Return in detail about the different ads of 2003.

On 14 April 2003, about six months after the release of Age of Mythology, Ensemble Studios announced that the official name of the extension

Obviously devoted to Atlantean, the new civilization, these first images showed the different units and buildings without forgetting the main attraction, the Titan that can be found on two images.

As for AOM, ES gradually to provide the community and specialized sites information with images and videos. By mid-May, a month after the first announcement, Gamespot and IGN already delivered a preview of the game and ES began publishing a weekly official image for the fans to appetite.

June 26 was not a good day for fans as Archangel, ES Community Manager, announced that contrary to what had been done for AOM, there would be no phase beta open to the public. A small open beta phase to specialized sites will take place but it is!

After this unpleasant surprise place for good news. Gamespot proposed, just as they did with AOM, a series of showcase the new gods ie articles of the game presentation with details about each god. The first deity Gaia was presented June 27 Kronos is the second one month later (30 July) and Oranos close walking with a presentation on September 10.

Immediately after the presentation of Gaia Microsoft released the official game site and you can take a look as it is still online. As the site AOM is extremely simplistic and does not offer tons of information for that at the time there was community sites especially as AF in France, or Heaven for international.

Two days after the showcase Oranos, September 12, ES announced that the game goes gold, ie it is completed and put into production boxes / CD will begin. The game will then finally September 30, 2003 in North America and October 29 in Europe.

Now that we have reviewed some of the history of the game's release, and to conclude this article, I suggest you quickly (re) discover the main new features and changes in this extension.

The new gameplay

- New Civilization: Adding Atlantean course with three gods (Gaia, Oranos and Kronos) and an identical architecture to the old civilizations with minor gods, divine powers, units, etc..
- New campaign: A campaign dedicated to Atlantean.
- New maps: Highland, Tundra and Wetlands were three new official maps of the game
- New online platform: ESO undergoes updated with new features and a clearer presentation for a faster and easier.
- The Titans: Adding for each civilization a Titan available at the end of the game, like a sort of age 5.
- Auto-tail: A function that allows to automatically generating the desired unit (if you have enough resources of course).
- Ports that attack: Ports can now shoot arrows if you put boats stationed.
- Forums age I and II: The Atlanteans can build from the forums I age, ancient civilizations as early II (III age only AOM).
- Units mythological free: Each time age the player receives a free unit according to the mythological god he chooses minor.

Here are the main changes or additions that have profoundly changed the gameplay of Age of Mythology. Ports that can attack, taking the forums at age II, mythological units free or self-tailed radically changed the gameplay and I like to mention that in another article soon!

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The born of the titan
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