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 The Lame a real problem

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PostSubject: The Lame a real problem   Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:45 pm

The Lame a real problem

One of the most used words in the community and AOM TT was the word "lame". A pronounced "lai-i-me" with a lovely English accent, this term refers to something quite difficult to explain since it is a concept that can change depending on the player. To give a basic description I would say "lame" is to use elements too powerful of the game and to not be "fair play" with the opponent.

I'll give examples below, but if I had to attempt a comparaison with football I would say it is like when a player is injured during a game action .The fair play in this situation is to push the ball out to stop the game so that the player can get treatment, a gesture practiced anywhere and at many games. In this case if the opponent continues to play mind can quickly become hot and she is whistling while copiously in Regulation no indication, however, the obligation to push the ball into touch! In this situation there could say that this team AOM term "blade" and does not meet a certain spirit of fair play. It is not prohibited, but this is against the spirit of the game generally applicable.

After this exemple crappy way to more concrete examples in AOM! As mentioned the concept of blade can vary depending on the player above, so here is my definition of blade.

The tower full of stashed
One of the best illustrations of the blade is my "full tower", ie the fact to hide, or move to the front behind full turns. There are obviously siege to quickly destroy these buildings offensive, but the problem is still the same level as the player who makes it also an army to defend itself and defend its towers. Engaging in a battle near the towers the attacker will lose a lot of siege weapons and units, rather than the player who defends itself.

If a player is losing and is in a very complicated situation it can be to understand to do these buildings to strengthen defensive position and it is even recommended. But the real "lame" is to use it in a balanced game and move forward with the towers to take advantage rather than to fight with his army. There is therefore real battles but a war of trenches from the "lame" that will move slowly and take very little risk. The map control is important especially for resource and this technique is therefore greatly distressed the other player most of the time that is required to create many siege weapons that take up much space in its population to which the final prevents having less real units.

A full tower in some advanced mode usually ended with insults ...

The castle full version

Variant of "full tower", the "full castle" (strong, midgols, fortresses, palaces) uses the same principle but with stronger buildings and can directly produce units. Logically nobody will complain if a player Norse built three forts on the map to produce his earls. But when that player up four or five on the front of the attack and then stash behind it is something else. Same as the towers is very "lame" and operates in a very glorious part of the game

For some it is normal to do that for me and for many players it is very "lame" and does not correspond to the basic spirit of the game and I think this kind of practice to many agitated the community the time and was one of the main reasons for the clashes between players either directly in the parties, ESO after the game or on the forums.

The mercenaries of the Egyptian offensive

Egyptians have always been considered civilization "lame" par excellence due to their particular FH, free towers, etc.. A particular feature is the ability of the Egyptian use of mercenaries by creating a forum. The creation of this unit limited lifespan is almost instantaneous and can defend a forum when you do not have the troops to do the job. Sure mercenaries cost of gold but sometimes it is better to defend a forum with a temporary unit than lose. Besides that the opponent will also leave resources loser real units. But it was still acceptable even though many players considered it as "lame". Personally I think it's a bit "lame" but after all, to defend themselves when the situation is complicated situation still as it goes at this point the player is losing most of the time.

the hunt Delete

Here we touch altogether a kind of cheating since the hunt delete, "hd" or bug hunting exploits a flaw of the game engine When an animal is hunted and dies, it falls to the ground allowing villagers to collect his food . If a building is started to be built on the animal carcass simply disappears and there is so much food to harvest! The crafty soon discovered this bug and used it to remove the hunting of their opponents since hunting is food that is harvested as soon as the game well before the berries or pets. By using this bug could delay the coming of age II and III of his opponent in an impressive way. Ends early passages with a rush or heavy raids and replaced by a late transition and rotten economy.

Titan Fast or boom passive with Titan

I explained in a previous article but for me the file to a Fast Titan, ie primarily seek out the Titan as soon as possible in a game, it is very "lame" and destroys the spirit of what the game should be. Out when a Titan is losing or finishing a long game part of the game of course ... but having as main objective to stay home (do not take risks, do not attack, fortify its defenses, etc..) to quickly release a Titan is very "lame".

Unfortunately, many players have used this style of play which deeply annoyed many players over time. Their goal was simple, play normally producing some units to protect and strengthen their economies and darken the Titan. Most "courageous" trying sometimes engage in combat to take the temperature and see if they could not win against a bad player directly but in general the troops retreated quickly to get back to the shelter. A very passive style of play which is the opposite of what should be the game in my opinion.

Titan and wonder, the cherry on the cake

Then Fast Titan it sucked but there was worse. Basically when you leave a unit that is so powerful a decisive advantage and the opponent to exploding. For some it was not quite "lame" it was necessary to add a layer!

And this extra layer is wonder ... Building a wonder we can get the win after ten minutes if this wonder is not destroyed. Some "lamers" forgiveness players trying out rapidly Titan but instead of taking action they remained quietly at home to build a wonder in using the Titan as a goalkeeper. The player was then facing greater choice, he would rush into the crowd and have to be guaranteed to lose or gain a Titan so as soon as possible but in general the two Titans themselves eliminated and there was therefore wonder. Difficult to do more passive and boring is not it?

Team games in advanced mode and double / triple rush

If the various techniques discussed so far are used lame 1v1 ranked player in part can benefit from extenuating circumstances since the purpose of this kind of game is to win and win points, this is pure competition and there is something to gain. It is another story if we talk about parts in advanced mode and especially in team games with 2v2, 3v3 or more. In these parts there I think that winning is a secondary objective, the main objectives being especially fun and learn with his god or another god less used. Let's be clear, winning is important but it is not a real competition.

Imagine one in 3v3 rush forward with a double on a player ... what interest? Or a full tower or a Titan as soon as possible? For me it makes no sense and is the opposite of what should be a part in advanced mode. At the time (2003-2006) when I played with friends and / or my clan it was unthinkable to be in this kind of situation. Nobody was going to do a double or triple rush a player or a titan out quickly. Besides us the Titan was even banned from our games most of the time. And unless losing picks and nobody would align fortresses / towers or mercenaries out ...

This list is not exhaustive of what is blade and AOM TT for me and for many players. Obviously other players will not agree with it being such perfectly normal to do many laps as they are already in the process of winning or things like that. It depends on the mood and perhaps also the style of game that we like to produce or bad habits when they discovered the game ..

It remains, however, that the discussion of "lame" has caused much ink (or rather used many keyboards) within the community with head taken in part and heated discussions in the forums Topics .

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The Lame a real problem
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