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 Play AoM in 2012

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PostSubject: Play AoM in 2012   Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:09 pm

If this folder is dedicated to the early years of AOM and the French community it would still address an interesting question: Is it still possible to play this wonderful game in 2012?

The answer is yes, and yes even four times! We will see these solutions point by point because I'm sure some of you want to be there either plunge want to discover the game and its online mode.

Solution 1 : ESO

Ensemble Studios Online, that is the official online platform the game it still works and allows for parts (rapid or advanced mode) with other players online. But because there is a but, there are several "problems" to overcome. Already it is possible to create an alias so you have to be a former player with a CD key that works and enter your old identifiers that can be a real problem ... Then if you want to play quick game and increase your rating you will probably settle "the problem IE Stats".

Since it is not possible to welcome new players saw the problem of the creation of pseudo, ESO is necessarily doomed to die slowly. And it shows with the number of games available is relatively small. This is still an option for former players who want to get back to AOM / TT. For example, I'm back to play on ESO to prepare the case and I could enchainer parties in advanced mode (and make parts noted yes!) but often with the same players. Nice to make friends but a little annoying if the levels are too large between different players ...

Solution 2 : Voobly

Voobly is a website / software that allows players to experience a little like ESO that is to say with chat rooms and gaming This is not a solution "official" but then a site that offers this method for AOM and many other games. You must create an account / nickname and download a small software that will run every time.

There seems to be more players on Voobly than on ESO from what I saw at the time of writing this article. Lastly not AOM but on TT for AOM ESO seems to be more active. This is also the place of rendezvous of the best players and the community Sanctuary so it remains visibly the best solution if you want to resume where you put TT.

Solution 3 : Gameranger

GameRanger is a bit like Voobly but is much older. You must therefore also create an account and download the software. The tool seems less practical and begins to date but there are many players and games available at the bottom and the interface is not so important as there are parties! This remains an alternative if you do not want to play on Voobly or if you just want to play and not AOM TT.

Solution 4 : Le mode LAN / IP directe


You see it is quite possible to play AOM in 2012 even though the online game has nothing to do with the early game with thousands of players connected simultaneously or platform ESO still functional 100%.

If you are an old player I invite you to our forum to leave a message, you may find other former players who want to redo some parts! And if you discover AOM with this article you can do the same, there will surely players ready to party or to help you by answering your questions. AOM is not dead and you have several options to get started!

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Play AoM in 2012
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