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 1600, 1800, 2000 : The ratings on ESO

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PostSubject: 1600, 1800, 2000 : The ratings on ESO   Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:58 pm

1600, 1800, 2000 : The ratings on ESO

One of the words most often associated with the multiplayer mode is "rating" score or rating of a player. And because if you can play online in advanced mode for fun one of the main reasons is all the same to compete against other players and to compare them. The rating has been a very important element of online gaming since almost all players have at one time tried to pass the different levels. The first step was to pass that of 1600. Let's see the principle of rating and these different levels.

The rating was therefore the score, the note or the level of a player on ESO. The rating for a new nickname was 1600 and every part in fast mode / range was noted that thanks to the ELO rating. To summarize, if two players 1600 compete the winner will be at 1620 the loser will fall to 1580. If both players replay against each other and the player at 1620 wins again he will become such in 1630, while the other will fall to 1570. The system therefore takes into account the difference in rating and adjusts it every game.

ESO system tried to arrange matches of the same level but sometimes the differences can be huge if there were few players online. We could then see a player in 1795 to meet a player in 1630, for example, and in this case the 1795 player could lose a lot of points in defeat but earn very little if they win. This happened very often at a high level where the number of players was necessarily restricted with 1900 + players to play against 1700 + or 1800 + risking losing so many points.

Note however that different levels have evolved over time. During the first year (2002-2003) there was a lot of competition in 1800 and was not necessarily so strong and was often considered an average player while later with less player on ESO player 1800 was considered rather as very good. This article gives an overview of the ratings not a scientific analysis;) Now see these different levels.

1500 or 1500 -: Beginners and noobs

If all the nicknames used to began at 1600 it did not mean that it was the lowest level. A bad player or a player who took his first steps on ESO would necessarily lose points and be in the area of 1500. These players did not play much there and did nothing in general to try to improve, they simply enjoyed the game and played for a few hours. They had no idea of ​​build orders and played very slowly. I've even seen players in 1400 but it was still uncommon and it was still visibly younger players. Myself in 2002 I fell several times in 1500 when I started on ESO, AOM is my first strategy game, but I quickly moved to the next level because I was immediately interested in the items and levels of construction. We'll see that in the next paragraph.

1600: The players who learn

The level from 1600 to 1700 consisted of players who had little experience in strategy games and were about to learn. So it was the beginners who progressed gradually and who wanted to improve. They began to read the forums and various articles and strategies especially began to learn / understand the different levels of construction. They usually post it or leaves it registered with BO and tried to reproduce the BO experts, which did not work perfectly but it was the learning process logic to follow. At this stage there all depended on the motivation of the player to progress and understand the game mechanics and even strategy games in general (how to manage an economy, continuous production, etc).

1700: The first real step

The level of 1700 was very, very important and marked the real difference between a beginner and a player "confirmed". See this little 7 in the rating was very important for players who feel finally go one step forward and after spending hours and tens or hundreds of parts to train. End of 1500 or 1600, the player had finally understood the basics and finally had a suitable level. While it was certainly far from being exceptional, but for all players 1500/1600 was the first goal! I still recall personal when I moved 1700 +, but I had a little "cheated" by playing Seth who was very (too) powerful at the time when with my little Odin I could not do it yet .

1800: The good rooks

Ah the famous 1800, bearing that marked the start of serious things! It was the bearing cross for all players who dreamed of one day reaching the top global and therefore consisted of very good players already. It was experienced players but that there was still something to make a difference. Either they were in full progress and would spend the 1900 or they would stagnate at 1800 + by do not having the time, talent or knowledge to go higher. At this level no more post-it, the players knew what to do and maintain a good economy early in the game to go on many strategies. There was a real difference between a 1700 and a 1800 (and a very tough competition!) So it was difficult to reach a level for most players.

1900: Expert

From the 1900 we could not really do anything other than talk to experts and top players. These players here made ​​up the top ESO and had somehow understood the game in its entirety. BO almost perfect, good strategies, few errors on the micro or macro-management, etc.. Short of excellent players but obviously representing a minority of the population ESO. They were far from perfect but obviously had a very good knowledge of the game and everything should be done or not. At this level it is they who invented and construction orders were advancing the metagame with all the other players who took their example by looking at their saved games. Their messages on the forums were generally read religiously by the "noobs".

2000: The Cream of the Crop

From the 2000 + there is no much more to say here since we are talking about a handful of players around the world that could produce almost perfect match and were always ahead of other players. The game had no secrets for them, they knew by heart matches up BO and to adopt whatever the card, the god or the player in front. It was obviously the mythic level crossing for good players to finally be recognized as a "2k +". I do not know how many players have managed to take this step in the history of the game but we are really talking about a very small group! It should also be noted that it was easier to achieve at the beginning of the game with the presence of thousands of players online, while later it was more complicated with a population ESO down and the difficulty of linking matches at high level.

Also note that among the 2k + some have managed to surpass the 2100 and even 2200. Salska for example, was the first player to cross it seems the 2200 with a victory against Shiautz (Thor vs. Seth on Midgard). But right at that level it was just a continuation was no longer a true bearing cross. ESO in 2012 on the top players are around 1800 + as there are enough players and games to climb rating and there will never be more than 2000 + officially. On the other hand Voobly (an alternative to ESO), there are 1900 and 2000 at the time of this writing (July 2012).

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1600, 1800, 2000 : The ratings on ESO
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