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 Group D wk 2 AoL_Iron_maiden vs sk#AwEsOmE

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PostSubject: Group D wk 2 AoL_Iron_maiden vs sk#AwEsOmE   Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:01 pm

hey dude, I think everyone should simply get their games done as soon as possible, so we should start scheduling!!

I am gmt -7
Today (friday) i am leaving out of town in a few hours. I will be back either tomorrow night or sunday day, so we can perhaps play sunday day/evening ^^.
As for next week, i am unsure of my work schedule ^^. I can play every evening, but i'm not sure what your GMT is, so that might not work out.

so let me know what works for you
my gr id is 1203937
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Group D wk 2 AoL_Iron_maiden vs sk#AwEsOmE
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