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 Age of Mythology:Titans Tournament III; Sign-up Now

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PostSubject: Age of Mythology:Titans Tournament III; Sign-up Now   Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:45 pm

Age of Mythology:Titans Tournament III; Sign-up Now

On behalf of the PK community, I'm happy to announce the Age of Mythology:Titans Tournament III Sign-Ups are now here and open, no necessary requirements to apply. This is an open event, and as long you have a Voobly account for Age of Mythology, you are welcome to join. The top 40 applicants will be seeded for the group stage June 20th.

Application Format
It's Important! Before Applying Read ALL tournament rules.

Quote :
A)Voobly User Name
B)Email Address
C)Agreement to the Tournament Rules
D)Other Information (Optional)

Enter the above information in a post to this topic on the PK website.

Current Prizes
$100 US

6 Month Platinum
6 Month Gold
3 Month Silver
Profile Medals
RTS-S Expert

Quote :
Age of Mythology:Titans Tournament III
1. Tournament Staff
A. The tournament staff will consist of [PK]Chicks, [PK]Clown, [PK]Demonoid, and [PK]Jollyman.

2. Commencement & Concluding Date
A. The tournament's registration stage will start June 11th and will close with the group stage opening on June 20, 2013. Tournament concludes July 28th.

3. Stages
A.  Group Stage I
The group stage will consist of 8 round-robin groups with 5 players in each group. Each player will then play 4 best-of-1 matches against the 4 other members of his or her group within 10 days. In the event of a tie in the group stage, games won and scheduling will be used as tiebreakers. Stage end date June 30th GMT.
B.  Bracket Stage II
The top two seeds of each group will enter the first stage of the single elimination bracket, the round-of-16, where each player will then play a best-of-3 against an opponent determined by seeding and which group the players advanced from. The best-of-3 is to be finished within 7 days. The winners of each best-of-3 round-of-16 match will advance to the quarterfinals. Stage end date July 7th GMT.
C.Quarter-Final Stage III
The quarter-finals will consist of 4 best-of-3 matches between the 8 remaining competitors within 7 days. The winners of each best-of-3 quarterfinal match will advance to the semi-finals. Stage end date July 14th GMT.
D.    Semi-Final Stage IV
The semi-finals will consist of 2 best-of-3 matches between the 4 remaining competitors over 7 days. The winners of each best-of-3 semi-final match will advance to the final match. Stage end date July 21st GMT.
E.  Final Stage V
The finals will consist of a best-of-5 tournament final between the two semi-final winners and a best-of-5 3rd-place match between the two players who were defeated in the semi-finals. The winner of the tournament final will earn the first-place prize, the defeated player in the tournament final will earn the second-place prize, and the winner of the 3rd-place match will earn the 3rd-place prize. Both matches are to be played within 7 days. Tournament concludes July 28th GMT.

4. Game Play
A. All games are expected to be rated and recorded. We expect the victors of each match to then post these recorded games on the tournament section of the PK forum.
B. If a bug is identified or a disconnection occurs in the first two (2) minutes of a game, the match may be restarted if both players agree to do so, not more then once per player/per match. In the event section 4.B is not met, match games are to be reviewed and approved by a member of the tournament staff.
C. If a disconnection occurs later on in the game, the tournament staff may adjudicate and thus award a victory to the player that appeared to be winning. Otherwise, a close game without an obvious winner may be restarted based upon the decision of the tournament staff.
D. Players are not permitted to play the winning civilization twice in a row. This applies to all bracket stage matches only.
E. All games are to be played on random map.

5. Disqualifications
A. If you suspect your opponent has some sort of unfair external advantage (i.e., cheats, hacks, map visibility, trainers, etc.), finish the game and submit it for review with an explanation of why you think the game was unfair. If the tournament staff members find someone to be guilty of cheating, the cheater will be disqualified & auxiliary action may be taken.  
B. In the event that hunt deleting is used, disqualification will result.
C. If a player repeatedly disconnects from games, disqualification may be considered.
D. Accounts used in the tournament must be used by one person, is sole owner of the account, and must be the main account of the registrant for proper seeding. Tempering with this decree will result in an immediate disqualification and undeviating removal from PK and correlated sites & events.

6. Prizes
At the conclusion of the tournament, the pot will be divided between the following individuals:
A)1st Place: 70% 6 Month Voobly Platinum, Gold Medal RTS-S Expert
B)2nd Place 20% 6 Month Voobly Gold & Silver Medal
C)3rd Place 10% 3 Month Voobly Silver & Bronze Medal

[PK]Chicks $50 USD
[PK]Eco $30 USD
[PK]Jollyman $20 USD
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Posts : 6
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PostSubject: Re: Age of Mythology:Titans Tournament III; Sign-up Now   Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:02 pm - Please schedule your matches here for the PK AoT Tournament III.
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Age of Mythology:Titans Tournament III; Sign-up Now
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